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Tyra Banks Diet Plan Secrets To Lose Weight

tyra banks diet plan

Get Tyra Banks Diet Plan Secrets To Weight Loss

I am going to show you how Victoria’s secret model, Tyra Banks diet plan proves you don’t need an extreme weight loss program to lose weight, and look great. Tyra Banks gained over 30 pounds since she was on the Sports Illustrated cover 10 years ago. She is also not a fan of the conventional workout routines women use today.

Tyra is mostly known for being a supermodel. She was Sports Illustrated first bikini cover girl as an African-American, and then went on to become a secret model, and walked down the runway for many of the fashion shows.

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Tyra Banks was also on the T.V. series, “America’s Next Top Model”, and is now on, “America’s Got Talent”. Tyra however, did have weight problems before, and during her modeling career. Now you can add Tyra to the women celebrities who have lost weight thanks to a healthier diet plan.

Some programs are complicated, but Tyra Banks uses an easier way to diet. Tyra’s goal now is to eat more low carbohydrate foods that she likes. She thinks more women should be eating healthier food, and her diet menu starts with fresh fruits, like papaya, mango, pineapple, and others.

She eats a lot of chicken, and shrimp salad, and she loves to snack on fresh vegetables. Tyra banks diet plan uses many soups, because they are lower in calories, and full of nutrients. Now she adds healthy foods that she likes into her meal plans, and she has been able to stay with her weight loss plan for a long time.

Supermodel Tyra Banks doesn’t kid around when it comes to her diet, and fitness. If you are self-conscious about your body figure, or just want to lose weight, then read more on this diet system, because it is just what you need to get you back into your bikini.

Tyra Banks Diet Menu Examples

You can benefit from a healthy plan, starting with keeping track of what you eat, and eliminating the bad foods in your diet. Tyra Banks, found out a Paleo diet, and removing bad carbs was all she needed to boost up her motivation energy for her workouts.

After her body got use to her diet changes, she started taking garcinia cambogia three times a day when working out. Garcinia cambogia gives her clean energy, boosting up her metabolism for longer workouts. Check out her prefered workout system below, or continue on reading.

tyra banks diet and workout

– Breakfast

Half cup oatmeal, quarter cup organic blueberry’s, tablespoon of hemp seed, tablespoon raw honey, tablespoon cocoa powder, one Banana added to her oatmeal, and one cup of green tea.

– Morning snacks for energy

Half cup dried goji berries, Quarter cup Almonds, and a Paleo protein shake.

– Afternoon snacks

Tyra Banks diet also includes a big salad with 1 cup organic mixed greens, tomatoes, cucumber, red bell peppers, alfalfa sprouts, and salad dressing, hot green tea with fresh lemon juice.

– Late afternoon snacks

1 grilled chicken breast, about six oz., and mango salsa

– Dinner

Around eight oz. Salmon, and pan saute veggie mix

Night time snack

Slow settling Paleo shake

Tyra Banks loves weight training at her hometown gym.

Tyra Banks Diet Plan Lower Body Exercises

Tyra Banks is now a workout fanatic, since transforming her health, and fitness back in 2015. I have also found out what Tyra uses to speed up her fitness, and workout results. She also now, goes to the gym five days a week for her workout routines.

Tyra’s lower body, ab core training, and cardio workouts are her main areas of focus. She uses two, or three lower body, and core workouts a week, and works out two days with full body cardio.

She starts off her workouts with five lower body routines, doing three sets per workout. After her lower body workouts, she begins her ab training, performing 3 workouts, back to back. Her workouts are easy for all women trying to lose weight.

Her exercises really burn fat, and stimulate metabolism for her workout routines. She uses many lower body exercises to sculpt her legs, thighs, and glutes. Here are 9 of her lower body workouts, I put together below.

1. Barbell – squats

2. Barbell –  overload squats

3. Kettle bell – dead lift

4. Box squats – tension bands

5. Dumbbell – single dead lift

6. Dumbbell – step ups

7. Dumbbell – lunges

8. Squat – machine

9. Hamstring – machine

Tyra Banks cardio workouts

4 Tyra Banks Diet Cardio Workouts

Tyra Banks diet plan uses cardio exercise to help her get in shape the fastest. After she started eating healthier foods, she started cardio workouts for 1 hour each day. 

1. Three sets of mountain climbers, 30 seconds each.

2. Three sets of full body bur-pees, for sixty seconds each.

3. Using a row machine, for 10 minutes.

4. The incline treadmill.

Now that supermodel Tyra Banks is in the best shape of her life, she wants to help other women lose weight too! All of her cardio workouts helped Tyra get fit again, and feel better about herself, along with healthier eating. So, if you are self conscious about your body, or want to lose weight, give the Tyra Banks diet a try! It might be just what you needed to start on your weight loss success!