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Rihanna Diet Plan & Workouts

Rihanna diet plan will get you a sexy body too

Rihanna Diet Plan For a Sexy Looking Body

The Rihanna diet plan is one that provides her that sexy fitness model appearance! And there are also many rumors going around about what keeps her body in such great shape.

Rihanna is one of the most flourishing women in Hollywood, & looks really beautiful with her fantastic bikini figure. This beautiful woman has always been sexy, and many designers continue to want her to promote their particular outfits.

Look at the diet plan she uses, to keep her in top shape, & looking gorgeous!

The singer, & actress has just turned age 24, & is right now residing in Hollywood, California. Rihanna’s diet is a five element program, that was created by celeb personal trainer Harley Pasternak who trains Katy Perry, Megan Fox, and even Lady Gaga.

rihanna diet plan

The popular weight loss plan was produced to eat 5 meals throughout the day, & also constructed of 5 nutritional requirements.

The five encouraged nutritional requirements are generally, low glycemic index carb, fiber, & healthy fats. Every dinner has five particulars, & will allow people five cheats within 5 weeks. 

She lost a little too much weight when she first started this method, yet this year she looks to be back up to a wholesome one hundred twenty lbs.

Rihanna Diet and Cardio Workouts

The Rihanna diet plan starts with her legs, & thighs which are her problem areas, until she found the support of Pasternak. Rihanna works out five times a week, working on leg exercise cycles for 5 min. each. 

The workouts also  involve leg lifts, & lunges, in addition, she actually uses a feather light cycle when she travels. Her workouts also call for cycling, stationery running, & jumping jacks for her cardio training. Many of her exercises are made for smaller spaces with no need for going to a fitness gym.

rihannas diet and exercises

Are you curious about the Rihanna diet menu, & snack schedules, or what her favorite meals are? Her meals are cooked at home by her private cook, who ensures that she uses a decreased calorie diet.

I can also tell you that chicken breast together with chili, black beans, and steamed vegetables are her favorites. A lot of us women are jealous of Rihanna’s fitness model body as it is, but wait until you see what her women’s fitness programs of choice are!

Over all the Rihanna diet plan is well balanced which help her lose weight during the winter holiday’s. Rihanna is fortunate to have a fitness model body, but she has to workout hard to keep it that way.

That’s why she takes time to include healthy meals in her simple, & easy diet plan. She uses the five meal a day routine, & diligently plans out healthy food possibilities along with extreme exercises every day.

Rihanna Diet Plan and Workout Routines Continued

rihanna diet & exercise plan

The Rihanna diet plan is also low carbohydrate foods, plus fish as the source of good fat, to get a great working metabolism. Additionally, she tries to drink warm lemon water just about every day.

This is a natural diuretic, & cleanses the body system out, balancing the sugar levels. Her food intake is all about 1350 to 1600 calories a day. Rihanna likes to have plenty of green salads, in addition to Greek yogurt, with berries for lunch-time, and grilled chicken, or fish with steamed fresh vegetables for her dinner.

She also loves Caribbean foods, & dishes with major spices, or herbs keeping her metabolism raised. She also likes guacamole, in addition to all types of fruits for snacking.

Rihanna uses a personal fitness instructor to keep her on the right track, and committed to keep her figure looking so good. She also works hard on choreographed dances, which have really helped sculpt her shape over the time of her career.

She keeps herself motivated, plus tries to stay busy so, she won’t turn to excessive eating due to boredom, which can happen to anyone that is trying to lose weight.

The Rihanna diet does not appear to be too extreme, but having a good balance of nutritious foods, and consistent workout routines. This will add a fantastic element for your new fitness model lifestyle.