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Indoor Cycling Workouts For Beginners

Beginner's guide for an indoor cycling workout plan (Header)

Start Your Indoor Cycling Workouts Today

Many women want to get fit, without the hassles of going outside. This indoor cycling workout plan for beginners is a great way to lose weight, and get your body healthy once again. You can pedal your way to fitness in many varieties, like road bikes, indoor exercise bikes, and spinning bikes. Plus, they also all offer a wide range of health related benefits.

Riding a cycle is excellent for burning of a lot of calories. Women can burn around 600 calories per hour on an indoor cycling workout, and 1000 on a road bike, and 1400 on the spinning bike. Biking is a superior workout for a person’s cardiovascular conditioning.

The indoor cycling workout plan for beginner’s will help your body build up stamina, and it will increase your endurance, and also speeds up your heart rate. Women who like to cycle Indoors regularly have less of a chance for getting heart disease, and type 1, and 2 diabetes.

biking workout planRiding bikes are also good for lower body toning. Especially for toning your leg muscles, and for women with hips, or thigh problems. There are many benefits for a beginners indoor cycling workout that will have you slimming down into your two piece bikini just in time for beach season!

Many top fitness models like riding outdoors, because there is nothing like the freedom, and adventures of exploring under your own foot pedal power. A Road Bike averages 300 to 400 dollars for a correctly fitted model that has:

1. A comfortable saddle appropriate to the rider’s gender.

2. A rack to carry a water bottle. Drinking water is recommended every 20 minutes during a long ride.

3. A ride computer that registers speed and distance traveled.

4. Gears to assist with handling terrain.

5. Appropriate illumination via reflectors and/or lights.

6. Safety helmet.

These were some items that represent the bare minimum for your safety, and the most effective operation of bicycling. A riding computer is important as cycling is, generally speaking a workout in which the rider competes against himself for better speed, and longer distances traveled.

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If weight loss is your goal, it’s recommended the cyclist use a heart monitor, which includes a chest strap, and a wrist unit that measures duration of exercise time in the zone your target heart rate to accomplish fat burning, average, and maximum heart rate, and calories burned.

One pound of body fat equals 3500 calories. If you manage a 500 calorie deficit burn, or expend more than you consume, you will lose approximately one pound per week.

Indoor Cycling Workouts Are Great To Lose Weight Fast

For individuals who do not like to be out in the elements, an exercise bike can be a comfortable way to cycle daily in the comfort of your own home. Many riders like to watch television while they are riding.

Indoor Cycling Workout DVD‘s are available to create the illusion that you are riding the hills of California wine country. The exercise bikes with the bucket seats are especially comfortable.

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For some riders, the different angle at which the recumbent bike places the body is even more effective for body slimming. The overall position is easier for your back, and your backside.

Spinning bikes are special types of exercise bikes that have weighted flywheels to simulate, as closely as is possible, to the feel of riding a road bikes indoors. Generally, spinning is done at a gym in a class environment, or if done at home, get directions from a DVD.

The indoor cycling plan involves intervals of intense riding, where the cyclist is standing in the pedals, and working at maximum output, balanced by seated periods of a lesser cadence.

Spinning, is a hardcore workout plan used to get the maximum fat, and calorie burning. If you have never, or not been working out, it’s best to get moderately into shape, and to check with your physician before beginning a spinning program.

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When should you use your cycle workout plan? Almost anytime of day is appropriate for your indoor cycling workouts. Depending on the climate of your area, it may be best to ride in the morning, or evening when the temperatures get cooler.

Many top fitness models like cycling first thing in the morning, and even before eating, which helps stimulate your metabolism. Many fitness experts suggest that you get fueled up first. If you have trouble sleeping, avoid cycling before bedtime, because the stimulation will contribute to your insomnia.

Regardless of when, or where you choose to start your cycling workout plan, keep track of the numbers, so you can monitor your improvements, and workout at your own pace, and more duration which will show you how effective your results are.

More Indoor Cycling Exercises Below

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Cycling is an aerobic exercise, and cycling workouts offer many healthy benefits. Upright exercise bikes can be purchased for $150 while a recumbent will run you about $300 to $600.

This exercise equipment allows everyone to Cycle, regardless of the weather outside. However, road bikes get you outside, and you can explore, and have fun when you start your indoor cycling workouts. Spinning bikes are expensive, and can be as much as $1500, and that will most likely send you to your local fitness center.

Regardless of the cycling exercise routine you choose, you can definitely start to see some great results in about a month, and you will be on your way to getting your dream fitness model body.