Carrie Underwood Diet Plan And Leg Workouts

carrie underwood diet plan

Carrie Underwood Diet Plan Workouts Give Her The Best Legs!

In many women’s eyes Carrie Underwood is like a goddess, & the Carrie Underwood diet plan keeps her body looking like a godsend! So, it should not be a surprise to you, that she has her own diet plan, & workout secrets when it comes to being beautiful!

Carrie Underwood was born in the year of 1983 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She is a singer, songwriter, & first rose to fame as American Idol winner number 4, in 2005. She has now become one of the most successful women of country music all time.

Underwood is a longtime vegan, & she keeps a journal of what she eats every single day. This country music celebrity never skips breakfast, & much of the time she eats oatmeal, or a muffin. She understands the nutritional values of food, & eats a lot of the greener vegetables.

Learn more about how she keeps her body fit, and healthy at all times!

When Carrie goes on tour she uses her own little refrigerator, that has nothing but, healthy foods. She says, eating oatmeal in the morning is a great way to start her day! First off, oatmeal is delicious! And, second it’s a great source of both soluble, & insoluble fiber.

Insoluble fiber has cancer killing properties. Soluble fiber reduces your cholesterol. Carrie does not struggle with sweets, but with carbohydrates, & starches, because of her love for pizza, & pasta dishes. At lunchtime she eats Veggie Burgers, Quesadilla’s, & even Subway Sandwiches, she loves the veggie sub!

Carrie always keeps her food journal with her, & writes down everything she eats throughout her day. Carrie Underwood is also vegetarian, & some of the meat products she eats are soy based products. Carrie Underwood also loves to eat Quorn as one of her meat, or protein sources. Quorn is a meat substitute food product, and she said it tastes like chicken.

Carrie Underwood Diet Menu Example

The Carrie Underwood diet plan snacks are things such as, Healthy Cereals, Almonds, & Pickles. When she is on tour, she looks around for the local farmer’s market to get her dinner meals most of the time.

Here are a few of her superfoods to give her a quick pick me up, & they are also good for her.

Mixed Nuts – Nuts are a source of Vitamin E, which is good for your heart. They are high in good fats that give her body a great energy boost. She just has to be careful not to eat too many, because they are high in calories. About a quarter cup is good.

Raisins – Raisins are cholesterol, & fat free. They provide her vitamins like, iron, potassium, calcium, & vitamin B. Raisins are also a good source of fiber, & easily digested, for faster energy. A quarter cup of raisins is 130 calories, & a good size for her snack.

Carrie Underwood showing off her bikini at the beach.

She likes cooking most of her meals on her bus, & she only eats out occasionally. She was however, once criticized early in her life, & career for having a larger body figure than even she wanted. She works out daily, & is always health conscious now though!

Mrs. Underwood now resides in Nashville TN., & goes to her local gym using the elliptical machine, & free weights. She also loves to run, box, & jump rope as part of her fitness, & workout plan.

The singer has some of the best looking legs, & arms you’ll see anywhere! Her abs are well toned also, & even many actresses are jealous of Carrie’s fabulous figure!

Carrie Underwood Diet Plan and Leg Workouts Continued

The Carrie Underwood diet and workouts use a mixture of strength training, & cardio workouts to improve strength, & fitness health. She has a hectic work schedule, but still manages to use a cardio, & workout plan daily. A few times a week she works out with her personal fitness trainer. The two of them will kick box, or do other leg training exercises.

Carrie Underwood on stage in Nashville.

Jabs, hooks, & kicks help her improve her cardio health. Carrie says exercising helps relieve her stress. For this exercise she uses the stationary cycle, or runs on the treadmill. Her beautiful arms, & legs are a result of her workouts she uses 5 times a week.

For her gorgeous looking legs, she uses various leg, & butt workouts. Some of them include the famous Brazilian Butt Lift, Pilate’s, Sumo Squats, & Mountain Climbers! Carrie Underwood works out for around 45 min. to an hour a day, 5 times a week. But, because her afternoon hours are so, crazy, & busy she does her leg workouts in the morning hours.

carrie underwood diet plan and workouts

Whether appearing live on stage, or the music studio, it takes a lot of hard work for Carrie Underwood to look the way she does! Now, being September she can’t afford to slack off, because Sunday Night Football is just around the corner! As she is the opening performance, as she was last year, to kick off the new NFL football season!

carrie underwood diet and leg workouts

Also, as far as her appearance is concerned her, & her family’s livelihoods depend on how she looks. Her clothes, her hair, & her makeup too! So, when it all boils down to it, she has to take great care of her body, & the Carrie Underwood diet can have you looking like a super fitness model really, fast!!

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