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Learn Boxercise Workouts at Home – Shape Up Fast

Boxercise workouts at home are one of the most effective ways a fitness model uses for training. If you want to enjoy boxing without getting hit, or bruised up, then this is for you! Boxercise is a workout concept based from boxing in 1992, by a former boxing trainer named, Andy Wake.

Over 1 million people have gotten started with Boxing. The workout routines combine fitness, and boxing together. It has become very popular as a personal fitness class, and also with many fitness trainers.

This is kind of like boxing, but boxing is a contact sport, & boxercise includes, some boxing aspects, but not really contact with others. The classes usually involve group exercise, and working with another, using gloves, and pads to go through boxing exercises.

boxercise routines with punching bag

Boxercise workouts from home have many variations, but one may involve shadow-boxing, hitting pads, kicking punching bags, press-ups. These boxercise workouts focus on the elbow, knees, and kicks, and the advanced skill course can take you to higher skill levels.

You may then want to move further along with your boxing skills, and book onto a Speed Pads, and combination classes. Speed Pads classes shows you the newer forms of boxing techniques using focus pads, in reactive drills.

Is boxercise just punching air? This is a big misconception many people have, because you will be hitting your pads for at least three hours, so get ready to work out hard!

Boxercise Workouts at Home Benefits

1. Increases your body stamina.

2. Increases your body strength.

3. Increases your speed.

4. Increases your body coordination.

Boxing also helps you by, increasing self discipline, & strength training. It’s truly the total package for a fitness model body! A typical workout is around 10 min. for beginners, and 20 min. for advanced.

women boxercise workouts

Your boxercise workouts drill stance is the posture you take before, and after every action depending on whether you are left, or right handed. I will show you the most common, which is right handed. For left handed women, just reverse these instructions.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, and your left foot in front of your right foot. Your right heel should be slightly raised, with your left foot flat on the floor, with your toes pointing forward.

Flex your knees around a quarter, and balance your weight easily. Position your elbows close to the body, and your left fist held at head level, in a position that matches to the left foot. Right fist should be at head level, protecting your face, and the elbows guarding your body, and also fists shielding your face.

This is often your defensive, and attacking posture after throwing your punches, therefore please practice this prior to going any further. Whenever changing forwards within this boxercise drills stance your left foot transfers forward first, then your right 1 comes after.

When you move to the right side, the right foot goes first accompanied by your left. Whenever you proceed to the left side, your left foot goes first followed by the right.

Practice this moving forward, back, and sideways with a boxercise stance until finally it’s executed clean, and fast. When shifting back, the right moves back, and then the left comes after.

Be sure you keep your guard up, and elbows nestled within your sides. Maintain your head at eye grade with the upper body bending forwards just a bit. It’s important your punches are thrown fast, & brought back quickly, to get back to a protecting posture.

The workouts combine boxing, & exercise into a great deal of fun, if you are looking to spice things up with your bikini model workouts. You need to learn some of the punches before you hit anything, or you may hurt yourself.

Boxercise Workouts at Home Punching Techniques

 woman showing off her boxercise drill stance

Here are some of my own boxercise punching bag techniques that you might want to give a try sometime. A left jab has its own uses, it can be used for either attacking, or defensive actions.

From the set position the left arm is pushed quickly, and powerfully frontward, the body weight is moved to the front foot. The fist travels in a straight path, and straight back again for defense.

At the second of effect the back of your hand, and the lower arm are in a straight line. Keep the right fist in the preventive location, and elbow concealed into the body during the motion.

The direct right is also known as the striking hand, and can be done with substantial power. The arm goes straight forwards from the chin, the body weight is moved to the front foot with the ball of the foot of the back leg pressing into the ground for more power.

boxercise exercise routines

The back of your hand is straight, and pointing upward at the moment of impact. The arm is then instantly pulled back for safety after the strike. The left hook to the head, and body is a powerful impact for magnified range work.

From the established position turn your left shoulder swiftly, and move your elbow up to shoulder height. The fist travels in a circular motion to the target, with the elbow bent.

Rotate your hip, and body whilst pushing your front left down, keeping the back of your fist aimed up, and in a straight line with your lower arm. The left hook to the body is similar to previously, but increases the rotation of the body.

The right uppercut is also carried out at close up range. Drop the lower part of your punching arm until the lower, and upper arm are at a right angle to each other. The backside of the hand should be aiming away from you, now thrust your arm frontward, and upwards to your target.

woman using at home boxercise workout techniques

Switch your body weight to your front leg, and rotate the hip, and shoulder on the identical side. Make sure to keep the left fist guarding your face throughout the entire motion. At this point, perform all of your punches until they can be carried out quickly, and smoothly. In order to develop speed, and staying power, try punching straight left, and right combinations into a heavy bag.

The duration of your routines are the same as the rest period, or 5 seconds exercises, 5 seconds rest. You are able to move up higher as your situation improves. So, learn more about easy boxercise workouts from your home, and burn your fat away to a beautiful beach body fast!

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